2006 Cottages

‘Funky Little Shoe Shack’

Not your Old Lady’s shoe, either! This playhouse rocks with fun. Whether you’re singing the blues or crooning like Elvis, this is the place that gives fun a new dimension. Shaped like a shoe, don’t worry about being a heel, just crawl through, it’s really the front door!

Unlike the other shoe story, that old lady just didn’t know what to do, but quicker than you can sing ‘Footloose’, you will kick up your heels at the interior delights. Nooks and crannies and architectural enchantments are all around. This homey feel is, as you guessed it, as comfortable as an old shoe.

Sponsor: Dungan Nequette Architects
Builder: Montgomery Martin
Architect: Dungan Nequette Architects
Interior Design: Dungan Nequette Architects

Special thanks to our contributors:
Good Millwork
South Bay Lumber
Coastal Door & Window Company
Service Construction Supply Company
Interface Eagle Service Company, Inc.

‘Gone With the Wind’M’Dear, ‘I do believe I’ve come home’. This wonderful and detailed playhouse beckons you with the promise of fun to come. Plan a southern-style picnic or perhaps an afternoon of tea with Rhett and Scarlet in attendance. Or ‘sit a spell’ on the verandah and enjoy a day of games and lemonade. Things can happen at a slower pace here. No matter what you do, at least you know if you don’t get all your fun in today, ‘Tomorrow is Another Day’. Sponsor and Builder: Montgomery Martin
Architect and Designer: Looney Ricks Kiss

Special thanks to our contributors:
Good Millwork
South Bay Lumber
Eagle Service Company, Inc.

‘Hogwarts Theatre’Legend has it that the community of Hogwart was founded over a thousand years ago – the precise date is uncertain, but of this we are certain – the magic lives on… Hogwarts Theatre is still in existence today. In this wonderful theatre-in-the-round, you are the Director. Cast your friends in make believe productions . Be Harry Potter or a dangerous pirate, or save the damsel in distress! Listen, you can hear the applause from the audience seated in the mezzanine. The possibilities are as endless, so are the period costumes that wait for you in wardrobe. The floor boasts of the highly regarded compass rose design created by the very best wood crafting artisans. E.F.San Juan designed a one-of-a-kind operable circular window. We believe the weathervane is at least a thousand years old! Don’t you agree, this is a playhouse even Shakespeare would envy?!Sponsor: Canvas Creations
Builder: Britton Bartlett & the Canvas Crew
Architect:: McAlpine Tankersley
Interiors: Melissa Quinn and Susan Massey of Bohlert-Massey Interiors

Special thanks to our contributors:
E. F. San Juan
South Bay Ace Hardware
Lockrem’s Painting
Hudson Custom Fabricators
Gigi’s Toys
Frank Wood Plumbing

‘Alys’ Palys’Standing proudly in the sunlight, with the royal colors flying and the trumpets announcing the arrival of Alys’ Palys’, her subjects are beckoned to pay their respect. Come forth and explore the mystery of this palys. But this palys is different from the rest, just like her name; Where does she come from and what’s in a name? Is she from the tales of the Arabian Nights, a place filled with intrigue and magical carpet rides? Or perhaps, another time, from the West Indies Shore where pirates search for hidden treasure and Marco Polo sailed? But Alys smiles and will only say, ‘At this palys you unlock your imagination and you can be worlds away.’And she is right, as all monarchs are. Inside this whimsical playhouse, you can create anything you want. The walls are lined with chalk boards waiting for the talents of young Picassos or you can teach a friend their ABCs. Carefully crafted and designed, this Palys is fit for a King. Oops, excuse me Alys, I meant Queen!

Sponsor: Alys Beach
Architect: Office of the Town Architect
Builder: Alys Beach Construction

Special thanks to our contributors:
Lockrem Painting
South Bay Ace Hardware & Lumber Co
Coastal Window Fashions

‘Butterfly House’

Imagination is the cornerstone of youthful adventure, and Butterfly House is a wooden cabin of whimsy and fantasy reminiscent of a hidden forest retreat. The cabin appears to be in motion itself with its unusual and artistic roof line. This playhouse comes complete with a built in bunk with ladder, a wall table and is ready for that special someone with a sense of adventure. Indiana Jones or Davy Crockett would both feel at home here.

Young imaginations can soar as high as the butterflies. From the great frontiers of undiscovered wonders to the songs of crickets and frogs, the end of a day well spent. Inspired by the Bear Creek Development in Freeport, Florida. Interior artwork on the walls painted by Justin Gaffrey, 2005 Artist of the Year.

Sponsor: Bear Creek Architect: Phillip Todd of McWhorter Architects
Builder: T. A. Turner Construction, LLC

Special thanks to our contributors:
Justin Gaffrey
South Bay Ace Hardware
Coastal Window Fashions

The 2006 Raffle Cottage

‘Moment in Time’

On Display at Destin Commons
November 16th – December 16th

Drawing at 11:00 a.m. December 16th

Remember the special moments of childhood when you were having such fun, laughing, running, playing & wishing you could stop time and make the fun last forever? In this special playhouse time stands still, no matter what age you are, and the fun lasts forever. Imaginations never grow old and just like the beginning of summer – life is full of possibilities. Reminiscent of the quaint emerald coast cottages, this special design with wooden siding and metal roof, along with the colorful exterior gives the playhouse an exciting and fanciful flair. You can spend the afternoon planning your next treasure hunt or search for the perfect castle in the sand. ‘Each day you can make a memory and remember, it’s your special ‘Moment in Time’.

Sponsor: Morgan Financial Advisors
Builder: Builders in Paradise
Architect: Ken Blanton
Interior Design: Dale Trice, Design Services

Special thanks to our contributors:
Eastern Supply
Frank’s Cash and Carry
Freelance Panels, Inc.
South Bay Ace Hardware
F&F Flooring
Sellers Tile
Shwinco Industries
Clock Corner
Keely and Company
Design Services

Children’s Volunteer Health Network, Inc.

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